Lorine's cabin water lily


2009 Lorine Niedecker WI Poetry Festival Images

Lorine left us a poem in the women's restroom at the Carpe

Nancy Rafal, Ellen Last and Henry Timm

Tom Montag, emcee of the Friday open mic

         Amy Lutzke and Sylvia Sippel in the Poetry Cafe

Sarah Busse and Wendy Vardaman

Anders Yocum, Ann, Marge and Ken Engelman


Nature of WI Poetry panel

Visiting Lorine's cabin

Blackhawk Island Workshop participants

Saturday night dinner at the Cafe Carpe

Kitty Welch at the Cafe Carpe channeling Lorine

Fabu at the book making workshop

Lunch in the poetry cafe

Julie Schoessow, Lorine's step-daughter with her daughter