Lorine's cabin water lily


2011 Lorine Niedecker WI Poetry Festival Images

Michael and Beth Nickels-Wisdom

Mary Gates and Kori Oberle

Cathryn Cofell and Bill Orth

         John Lehmann "How to make a poem your own"

Nature of WI Poetry Panel from left: Laurel Bastien, Kimberly Blaeser, Brenda Cardenas, Cathryn Cofell, B.J. Best, Sarah Busse, Wendy Vardamon


Hanging out in the Poetry Cafe


Laurel Bastien and Steel Wagstaff

BJ Best and Derrick Harriell

Julie Schoessow, Philia and Paul Hayes

Black Hawk Island Writer's Workshop

Workshop participants

Writing on the cottage deck

Plein Air painting on Black Hawk Island

Black Hawk Island is a place for inspiration

Ann Engelman and Margot Peters celebrate

Vicky Daniels and Margaret Schroeder whip up the grasshoppers