Lorine's cabin water lily


2012 Lorine Niedecker WI Poetry Festival Images

Tom Montag, Mary Gates and Nancy Rafal at the Cafe Carpe Friday night

Ralph Murre and Paul Sadofsky at the Cafe Carpe, Friday night

Kimberly Blaeser, Kate Sontag, Jim Stevens and Ching-In Chen on the Nature of WI Poetry panel

          The audience at the Nature of WI Poetry

                Lunch time in the Poetry Cafe

Margaret, Amy and Ann, conference coordinators still smiling!

                        Fabu at the Poetry Wall

                   The Poetry Wall was popular

                   Eileen at the Poetry Wall

        Smile Karl, we're drinking grasshoppers!

Tom is enjoying his grasshopper. And doesn't Margaret look smart in her hat!

                         Poetry to the masses

           A perfect day for the Blackhawk Island Writer's Workshop

                               Lorine's cabin

                        A place for contemplation

                         Poetry by the water

Sara Zientek, Marcella Kerns, Deborah Clifton and John Kishline perform a "reader's theater" of the play "Niedecker."