Lorine's cabin water lily


2014 Lorine Niedecker WI Poetry Festival Images

Kori Oberle of Hoard Museum presents archive items

A small watercolor painted by Lorine

Photo of Lorine's cabin from 1961

Lorine's Baptismal Certificate

Nancy Rafal and Tom Montag at the Cafe Carpe

Tom Montag reads a tribute to Mary Gates at the Carpe

Michelle Whisner hands out chalk for the sidewalk poetry

One of our sidewalk poems

CX Dillhunt, Tom Montag and Steve Tomasko

Jean Preston & Dion Kempthorne lead a roundtable chat

The youngest Poetry Festival attendee EVER!

Visiting in the Poetry Cafe

Lisa Fishman leads the Blackhawk Island Workshop

Black Hawk Island is a place for inspiration

Chuck Stebelton ponders

Many of the Festival attendees at the Poetry Wall