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Audio of Niedecker

In November 1970, Cid Corman made the only known recording of Lorine Niedecker reading her poetry during a visit to her home on Blackhawk Island. The audio from this recording (roughly 16 minutes in length) can be listened to or downloaded at Niedecker’s page on PennSound.

Video of Niedecker

Two very short segments of home video depicting Niedecker are included in the UWDCC material online. Both clips were shot during Millen family gatherings in the holiday seasons of 1964 and 1965 (these films do not include audio and comprise roughly 30 seconds of total footage). This is the only known extant video footage of Niedecker.

Audio & Video about Niedecker

Isthmus Vocal Ensemble performance of 3 Niedecker poems by Jerry Hui:

I. My mother saw the green toad
II. My life by water
III. From my bed I see

In 2003, the experimental filmmaker Cathy Cook released Immortal Cupboard, a 74 minute film about Niedecker’s life and work. An excerpt of the film can be viewed below:

In 2009, Wisconsin Public Television produced an episode of “Director’s Cut” in which Cook discussed making Immortal Cupboard. That episode can be viewed below:

Literary Executor

Upon her death in 1970, Niedecker’s friend and publisher Cid Corman assumed the responsibility of acting as Niedecker’s literary executor. Following Corman’s death in 2004, the poet and publisher Bob Arnold became Corman’s literary executor, and has acted as Niedecker’s literary executor since that time. Arnold and his wife Susan live in rural Vermont, where they have published books under the Longhouse imprint for more than 45 years. Contact information for the Arnolds is available here.

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