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  • Links to Lorine's small handmade books from the digitized archive.

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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Handbook of Marxism International Publishers Book 1935
The new American poetry: 1945-1960 Grove Book 1960
Elson's pocket music dictionary Ditson Book 1909
Bhagavad-Gita: the song of God New American Library Book 1951
The religion of beauty: selections from the aesthetes Heinmann Book 1950
The American tradition in literature Norton Book 1957
Holy Bible Inter. Natl. Press, Philadelphia Book
Lamb's tales from Shakespeare Hurst Book
Origin (Volumes 1, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 20) Cid Corman, Editor, Kyoto, Japan Book
American Poetry: the Twentieth Centurey The Library of America Article 2000
American Poetry: the Twentieth Century The Library of America Book 2000
Contemporary Literary Criticism Gale Research Co. Book 1987
The Norton Anthology of American Literature Norton Book 1989
The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contempory Poetry W.W. Norton Book 2003
New Poetry Out of Wisconsin Stanton & Lee Publishers Book 1969
Poetry Out of Wisconsin Henry Harrison Book 1937
If your ear is acute you sound your poem in silence: The Poetry of Loine Niedecker Review 1988
Center Stillness: Conversations with Phyllis Walsh & CX Dillhunt Article 2013
Abbott,, Reginald All Fashions Feud': Images of Fashionable and Unfashionable Women in Lorine Niedecker Article 1989
Adams, Brooks The law of civilization and decay Vintage Books Book 1955
Adema, Marcel Apollinaire Heinemann Book 1954
Aldington, Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) Heliodora and other poems Houghton Mifflin and Co. Book 1924
Allen, Glover Morrill Birds and their attributes Dover Book 1962
Alvarez, A. The school of Donne Mentor Book 1967
Anderson, Karen Leona Classifying life: Metaphor, Popular Biology, and Social Categorization in Emily Dickinson, Anne Spencer, Marianne Moore, and Lorine Niedecker. PhD Dissertation 2008

749 resources


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