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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Kinzer, Gregory S. Catalysis: Experimental Poetry and the Sciences PhD Dissertation 2006
Skinner, Jonathan Ecopoetics: Outsider Poetries of the Twentieth Century PhD Dissertation 2005
Jennison, Ruth Louise The Zukofsky Era: An Objectivists' Modernism PhD Dissertation 2004
Jenkins, Matthew Grant Totally Bound: Tracing a Levinasian Ethics from Objectivism to Language Poetry PhD Dissertation 1999
Hart, George Leslie The Poetics of Postmodernist and Neoromantic Nature Poetry PhD Dissertation 1997
Beard,, Carole Mae Lorine Niedecker: The Pulse of Her Poems PhD Dissertation 1996
Pater Farada, Lisa "Between Your House and Mine": The Letters of Lorine Niedecker to Cid Corman, 1960 to 1970 PhD Dissertation 1983
Timpane, John Review 2003
Preece, David Review 2003
Wagner-Martin, Linda Review 2003
Levine, Stacy Review 2003
Kleinzahler, August Review 2003
Jensen, Geeta Sharma Review 2003
Arnold,, Elizabeth Review 2003
Wheatley, David Review 2003
Cusac, Ann-Marie Review 2003
Augustine,, Jane review of "Collected Works" Review 2003
Volkman, Karen Review 2002
Harvey, Matthea Review 2002
Brady, Andrea Review 2002
Campion, Peter Review 2002
Burt, Stephen Review 2002
Palattella, John Review 2002
Olson, Ray Review 2002
Perloff, Marjorie Review 1994

748 resources


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