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  • Reviews of her work.
  • PhD dissertations.
  • Links to Lorine's small handmade books from the digitized archive.

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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Butterick, George F. Review 1985
Meyer, Thomas Review 1977
Sorrentino, Gilbert Review 1977
Katz, Bill Review 1976
Marlatt, Daphne Review 1975
Nadine, James Review 1972
Schjeldahl, Peter Review 1971
Cohen, Aaron B. A Story of Inversion Article 2010
Yates, Peter Review 1970
Stanford, Derek Review 1970
Lentfoehr, Sister Therese Review 1970
Heller, Michael Review 1970
Carruth, Hayden Review 1970
Tomlinson, Charles Review 1969
Cuscaden, James Review 1963
Creely, Robert Review 1963
Williams, Johnathan Review 1962
Sorrentino, Gilbert Review 1962
Smith, William Jay Review 1947
Dimick, Sarah Lorine Niedecker's "Lake Superior": Articulating Landscape Through Textual Collage Article
Lindemann, Emilie More than Recipes: a Complicated Portrayal of Wifehood & Marriage in Lorine Niedecker's The Cooking Book Article
Penberthy, Jenny The very variants: A few revisions to Lorine Niedecker's 'Collected Works' Article 2013
Shea, Nancy Books Mentioned in Niedecker's Correspondence with Zukofsky Article
Shea, Nancy Books Mentioned in "Between Your House and Mine" Article
Peters, Margot Niedecker or Neidecker, No Longer the Question Article 2011

716 resources


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