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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Emerson, Ralph Waldo The portable Emerson Viking Press Book 1956
Fitts, Dudley Poems from the Greek - Anthology New Directions, N.Y. Book 1956
Frost, S.E. Jr. Basic teachings of the great philosophers Barnes & Noble, Inc., N.Y. Book 1956
Heine, Henrich Bitter-sweet poems Peter Pauper Press, N.Y. Book 1956
Arnett, Willard E. Santayana and the sense of beauty Indiana Univ. Press Book 1957
Henderson, Philip William Morris McGraw Hill Book Co., N.Y. Book 1957
LaMont, Corliss The Philosophy of Humanism Philosophical Library, N.Y. Book 1957
Lawrence, D.H. Etruscan places Viking Press, N.Y. Book 1957
Baudelaire, Charles Flowers of evil New Directions Book 1958
Goethe The great writings of ____ Mentor Books, N.Y. Book 1958
Henderson, Harold G. An introduction to haiku Doubleday, N.Y. Book 1958
James, Henry The art of travel Doubleday Co. Inc., N.Y. Book 1958
Montagu, Ashley Man--his first million years New American Library, N.Y. Book 1958
Russell, Bertrand Bertrand Russell's best New American Library, N.Y. Book 1958
Sappho Translation Univ. of CA Press, Berkeley Book 1958
Wagenknecht, Edward The personality of Chaucer Univ. Oklahoma Press, Norman OK Book 1958
Wilson, Edmund A piece of my mind Doubleday & Co., Garden City, N.Y. Book 1958
Bowra, C.M. The Greek experience New American Library Book 1959
Dickinson, Emily Selected poems and letters of ____ Doubleday Co., Inc. N.Y. Book 1959
Jefferson, Thomas Autobiography of ____ Capricorn Books, N.Y. Book 1959
Kierkegaard The journals of ... Harper and Bros., N.Y. Book 1959
Peterson, Houston Essays in philosophy Pocket Books, N.Y. Book 1959
Plutarch Lives of the noble Romans Dell, N.Y. Book 1959
Watts, Alan W. The way of zen New American Library, N.Y. Book 1959
Williams, Jonathan An ear in Bartram's tree Univ. of N.C. Press, Chapel Hill Book 1959

749 resources


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