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Author: John Milton
Title: L'Allegro, Il penseroso
Publisher: Ginn and Co., N.Y.
Year of Publication: 1900
Type of document: Book

Notes: Notes on inside front cover and first page of book:
- "No. 7 Oshkosh, Wisconsin"
- "St. Peter's High School, Oshkosh, Wisconsin"
- "Helena Gerdes"
- "T. Herkel Artist"
- "10 cents"
- "St. Peter's High School"
- "John McCormick"
- "Rose Wuech"
- "Wally Gerdes"

p. 1: Six words on page are underlined. "Zone, corn, cur" are written near line 11.

p. 2: Lines 25-36 are marked in the margin with the word "Memory" near. Line 41 has "X" and "Morn" in margin.

p. 3: Line 69 has "X" and "Morn" in margin.

p. 4: Three words on page are underlinied. "Noontide" in margin near line 90. "Afternoon" in margin near line 99.

p. 5: "X" and "end" in margin at line 114. "Hymen" checked in line 125 and "god of morning" written in margin.

p. 8: Lines 32-44 are bracketed in margin. Line 31 is check marked. "Choir of Angels Mem." written in margin. Line 45 has "Companion" written near it. "Peace" in line 45, "Fast" in line 46, and "Contemplation" in line 54 have a "C" near them.

p. 25: In space at middle of page "[illegible] Begin Mon" is handwritten.

p. 28: "X" near the end of line 18.

p. 31: "X" in margin at top of page.

p. 39: Line 730 is marked in margin.

p. 54: Lines 131 & 132 are each marked with an "X."

p. 55: Line 177 is marked with an "X."

Notation on inside back cover: "p. 139-158."

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