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Author: Marcus Aurelius
Title: Meditations
Publisher: Dent
Place of Publication: London
Year of Publication: 1948
Type of document: Book

Notes: p. xiii: Five lines beginning with "The Stoics aspired to..." appear to be marked near bottom of the page.

p. 111: Paragraph XXVII seems to be marked; it begins "Within a while the earth shall cover us all, and then she herself shall have her change."

p. 113: Paragraph XXX appears to be marked; it reads: "Many of those things that trouble and straiten thee, it is in thy power to cut off, as wholly depending from mere conceit and opinion; and then thou shalt have room enough."

p. 119 This sentence seems to be marked: "Thou shalt one day be full, and want for no external thing: not seeking pleasure from anything, either living or insensible, that this world can afford; neither wanting time for the continuation of thy pleasure, nor place and opportunity, nor the favour either of the weather or of men."

pp. 124-125: These sentences appear to be marked: "And when shalt thou attain to the happiness of true simplicity, and unaffected gravity? When shalt thou rejoice in the certain knowledge of every particular object according to its true nature: as what the matter and substance of it is; what use it is for in the world: how long it can subsist: what things it doth consist of: who they be that are capable of it, and who they that can give it, and take it away?"

Notation on last page of book: "xiii, 17, 103 - mind straight to object, 111, 113, 119, 125.

Date last updated: 07/10/13

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