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Author: John Milton
Title: Areopagitica
Publisher: Oxford University Press, London
Year of Publication: 1947
Type of document: Book

Notes: Name on first page of book: "Patricia Sigl."

p. 4: Check mark next to line 27.

p. 5: "Outline" in margin next to line 12. Portions of olines 26-28 are underlined.

p. 6: Portions of lines 3-5 and 18-21 are underlined.

p. 12: "X" in margin near line 26; lines 26-32 are underlined.

p. 15: Line 28 is underlined.

p. 18: Portions of lines 9-13 are underlined.

p. 37: Lines 24-25 are marked in margin.

p. 38: Check marks in margin at lines 22 and 29.

p. 43: Check mark in top outside corner of the page. Lines 3 and 4 each have a check mark in margin, plus an "X" in margin.

p. 44: "Collection" is handwritten above line 12 near the word Syntagma.

p. 49: Line 10 is partially underlined and lines 10-15 are marked in the margin.

Notation on a slip of paper between pages 66-67: "I - Authors of the book licensing system."

p. 67: Check mark in the margin near Note #7.

Date last updated: 11/15/10

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