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Title: Handbook of Marxism
Publisher: International Publishers
Place of Publication: New York
Year of Publication: 1935
Editor: Emile, Burns
Type of document: Book

Notes: p. 7: Checkmark in table of contents next to XXIV. V.I. Lenin - What is to be done: Dogmatism and 'Freedom of Criticism' - Trade Union Politics and Social Democratic Politics.

p. 9: In table of contents page number 855 is boxed with pencil for item V.I. Lenin - 'Left-Wing' Communism: an Infantile Disorder.

p. 724: The end of a quote from Engels is marked in the margin "... whose purpose is to moderate the conflict and keep it within the bounds of 'order'; and this power arising out of society, but placing itself above it, and increasingly separating itself from it, is the State." Just below this quote, a sentence is marked in the margins with a double line " The State is the product and the manifestation of the irreconcilability of class antagonisms."

pP. 730-731: Quote by Kautsky is marked in the margin with "US?" - "... there are periods whedn the warring classes so nearly attain equilibrium that the State power, ostensibly appearing as a mediator, assumes for the moment a certain independence in relation to both." Paragraph beginning "Such, we may add, is now the Kerensky government..." on page 730 is marked in margin. Paragraph beginning "In a democratic republic..." at top of page 731 is marked in margin. Seven lines beginning with "A democratic republic is the best possible..." in last full paragraph on paged 731 are marked in margin and have a question mark along side. This sentence is marked in margin and has two question marks along side: "We must also note that Engels quite definitely regards universal suffrage as a means of bourgeois domination."

p. 732: Portion of a quote from Engels is marked boldly in margin: "We are now rapidly approaching a stage in the development of production at which the existence of these classes has not only ceased to be a necessity but is becoming a positive hindrance to production."

p. 734: Four lines of a quote from Engel at top of page are marked in the margin, starting with: "...a State, is no longer necessary.." The following sentence is marked in the margin along with a question mark: "The current popular conception, if one may say so, of the 'withering away' of the State undoubtedly means a slurring over, if not a negation, of revolution."

p. 738: Five lines beginning with "Eclecticism is substituted for dialectics..." are marked in the margin, with a question mark along side.

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