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Study Unit

Study Unit

Study Unit Evaluation

The intent of this unit is to provide students in a twentieth-century literature class with an awareness of who Lorine Niedecker was as a woman and poet. Students will read about the life of Niedecker, the beliefs of the Objectivist poetry movement, and experience watching a short video of Blackhawk Island with a poem read aloud. After the short unit students should have a written paper applying some of the ideas of the Objectivist poets to poems written by Lorine Niedecker.

The study unit is designed to meet the following criteria:

  • It is appropriate for general high school students.
  • It complies with Wisconsin's Academic Standards for Reading/Literature at the twelfth grade level.
  • The unit can be rolled into a larger unit on 20th century poetry, Wisconsin writers, or general poetry. It can encompass at least 2 40-minute teaching periods.

Lesson One: Introduction to Niedecker and the Objectivists Lesson Two: Biographical Poetry Lesson Three: Objectivist and Political Poetry

Additional Materials: