Historic Sites

W7309 Blackhawk Island Road
Location of Niedecker cabin, cottage and historical marker. PLEASE NOTE: this is private property. Access is through an appointment with the Friends of Lorine Niedecker.

Union Cemetery, County Road J north of Hwy 106, Cemetery Road
Burial place of Lorine Niedecker, Al Millen and Lorine’s parents Henry and Daisy (Theresa). Niedecker’s grave is on the left as you enter the cemetery, about 2/3 of the way back, just inside the fence.

506 Riverside Drive, Fort Atkinson, WI
Home where Lorine stayed during the school year 1917-1918 with family friends Charles and Barbara Bowen

1000 Riverside Drive, Fort Atkinson, WI
Home where the Niedecker’s lived from 1910-1916

315 Garfield Street, Fort Atkinson, WI
Home that Niedecker shared with her first husband Frank Hartwig

28 E. Gilman, Madison, WI
Building where Niedecker roomed while working for the WPA in 1941

209 Merchants Avenue
Address of the Dwight Foster Library. Lorine’s personal library archived here.

401 Whitewater Avenue
Address of the Hoard Historical Museum. Niedecker room with Blackhawk Island mural and artifacts and Niedecker archive here.