What Region? Monograph Series

The Friends of Lorine Niedecker publishes “What Region?”, a monograph pamphlet series related to the life and writing of Lorine Niedecker. The title of the series comes from a letter Niedecker wrote to Cid Corman in 1969:

I sent University of Wisconsin Milwaukee a copy of T&G way back in Sept. A few days ago I wrote: Did you fail to receive? They answer they’ve placed it with reigional materials. I should ask: What region—London, Wisconsin, New York?

Published Monographs

Issue 1.1: Lorine Niedecker’s Century 1903 – 2003by Jenny Penberthy; The text of a public lecture given at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater on 8 May 2003, a few days before the 100th anniversary of Niedecker’s birth (on 12 May 1903).

Issue 1.2: Increase Lapham and Lorine Niedecker – by Martha Bergland and Paul Hayes; The text of a paper delivered at the Lorine Niedecker Wisconsin Poetry Festival on 11 October 2014 detailing the historical background of 19th century Wisconsin naturalists Increase Lapham, Asa Gray, and James Percival and contextualizing their appearance in two short Niedecker poems.

Issue 2.1: Lorine Niedecker: The Poet In Her Place – by David Wilk; Recounts the author’s long engagement with the poetry of Lorine Niedecker, including the circumstances surrounding his editing of a special issue of the literary magazine Truck in the Summer of 1975 dedicated to Niedecker.

Issue 3.1: Lorine Niedecker in Spain – by Natalia Carbajosa; Discusses the author’s experiences translating Niedecker’s highly-compressed, exceptionally musical poetry from English to Spanish.

Editorial Board

Karl Gartung: Managing Editor
Tom Montag: Managing Editor
Jenny Penberthy
Chuck Stebelton: Production Editor
David Wilk

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